Schooling Christmas Style

Kids can’t help but be excited about Christmas so why not take enthusiasm and direct it towards your school day!  Here are some ideas found on Pinterest…

Turn your Christmas baking into a Math Lesson using {these} worksheets from Learning Zone Express.


Learn some Geography while talking about {Christmas around the world}.



{Science Sparks} has page full of Christmas themed Science experiments.


For Literature, {here} is a printable Advent reading plan (source).


For a complete school day,  there different activities found {here} to go along with the movie The Polar Express!  I saw vocabulary words, a crossword puzzle, word search, math problems, and a cute Letter to Santa printable (those were all free to download, but I didn’t click all the links so there could be some items that cost).

~Deanna Parsons

(Please note, I found all these ideas from Pinterest and LITWHA has no association with them)

A look to Session 3

Is it just me or is anyone else thinking past the holidays to Session 3?  No… Oh well, since I am I want to share what I’ve found out!


Our Little Learners class will have afternoon options and I’m excited to find out what fun things they will get to do (and I can take pictures of).


The next tidbit I found out is that there will be a Writing class.  I cannot wait to read what the imaginations of the developing writers will come up with!


The last class I heard about was a Hand Sewing class.  I wish I knew what projects they will be making and more importantly can I take the class too?


Well, have I piqued your interest and got you thinking forward to our next session?  Leave a comment and let me hear your thoughts.

~Deanna Parsons


Registration for session two of 2015 will be held on Monday, October 19th at The River (see directions page).

For the benefit of all participants, PLEASE only arrive at your allotted time:



CURRENT MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING (First come, first served) 10:00-11:00

ANY NEW MEMBERS 11:00-finished

Please note, the common room will be for registration and carried infants only.  All other children will be asked to play in the gym area.  PLEASE bring something for your child to play with or read.


Why do you Co-op?

So it is time for a new blog post.  We will go with the obvious and discuss why cooperative learning for homeschoolers works.


Our last duty station we did not do any co-ops at first.  We did join one that last year we were there but only because I had a wonderful church family with kids around the same ages with amazing moms.  My heart still hurts when I think about what we left there.  It wasn’t easy.  We joined 3-4 families and met in someone’s home.  I saw most of those kids 4-5 days a week.  Our children were like cousins and it was wonderful.

I realized then some of the benefits of cooperative learning.  I also realized it took what felt like moving a mountain to prepare, get everyone there on time with packed lunches, all my lesson materials (I taught 3 subjects then), and have enough energy left to actually teach.   Those benefits were not always immediately apparent until after we left.

When we arrived here the area was MUCH smaller and our options were limited.  As homeschoolers we have no built-in systems at each location for our kids to make new friends or find new activities. It changes each duty station and seemed more challenging at this one.

Now I am not saying you should join a co-op because it is for socialization or better education or any other reason. Your reason are you own and will change with each family, each duty station, and even for each child in the family.

We enjoy the fun day of learning. My children harass, HARASS, me asking when co-op will start again. They love the classes and kids they meet. I love meeting new parents and teaching some of those classes. It stretches my brain or in some cases forces it to recall information it hadn’t used since college. It also gives us opportunities to serve our community and other homeschoolers.

Does it work for everyone? No. Can one co-op be all things to all homeschoolers? No, no group can do that. We can only do our best with what we have and pray it is good.

I pray this group is good and what those who come to us need at that time. I pray it is what you need. See you Monday!

Kenna Zeigler

LITWHA President