Meet the Teachers

17191470_10210935068406185_5367715104447021475_nDeanna Parsons is an Army Brat turned Army wife who hasn’t lived any one place for too long, but calls San Antonio, TX home.  She married her husband in 1998 and has two daughters who are 14 and 11.  Deanna admits to saying she would never homeschool, but this school year will be their 5th year and wouldn’t change a thing!  Deanna loves photography and all things crafty.  She is currently serving on the Board of Directors as our President.


18157480_10158589940635471_1426381795505399166_nJessica Sweeney is currently serving on our Board of Directors as our Vice President- Learning Day Coordinator.





Darcy Harris is currently serving on our Board of Directors as our Treasurer.






Carol Reid is currently serving on our Board of Directors as our Secretary.





923342_595096727180773_188787763_nEm Norman is currently serving on our Board of Directors as our Community Relations Director.





Maggie VI Beedles-Kaos is currently serving as our Common Room Coordinator.




Brianna Smith




**Why would you want to teach beyond the joy of helping young people learn something new?  Teachers receive a 25% discount on all association class fees and T-Shirt purchases (does not apply in cases of private professional instructors who are paid directly by the parents)!  If you are interested in teaching, please use the forms below and return to one of our Board Members:



4 thoughts on “Meet the Teachers

  1. Do you have a teen club or any teens in the group? We are looking at a potential move and are looking into the different homeschool groups. Thanks.

    • We do have a teen group but our primary activities occur on our Learning Days and we have an active Facebook group. Look there for the most current information. Just search for our group name and request to join.

  2. Hi. We just moved here and are looking for a homeschooling co-op. Not sure if I overlooked it, but when do your sessions begin and end? How do we sign up? If you are mid session can you join mid session?

    • I am so sorry, I just saw your comment! We will be starting up a new session with Registration Day on Jan 9th and classes starting the 23rd. The class schedule and class descriptions will be updated here shortly. Most of our communications happen on Facebook so look us up on there. 🙂

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