Learning Days


  • Some classes are available all year while others change session to session.
  • You can take just one class or all of them!  You do not have to stay the whole time, you may come at class time and leave after.
  • A parent can discuss moving their child to a more advanced class with the teacher if they feel they are ready.  The ages listed are guidelines.
  • If there are additional class fees listed, they are a one time payment for the entire session (NOT per class meeting).
  • Parents are required to volunteer and/or help with chores during Learning Day.**
  • Parents are required to stay on the premises and are responsible for their children at all times.  Any discipline issues beyond verbal redirection will be handled by the parent.


**Examples of learning day volunteer positions include: classroom assistant,  coordinating fundraisers, volunteer coordinator, board member, or lead teaching a class.  Chores include spot cleaning restrooms, sweeping or vacuuming, emptying trash cans, cleaning the kitchen and lunch room during lunch time and after school and helping to put chairs and toys away after classes.