Session 2

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18-19 Session 1 Registration

We are looking forward to getting this new co-op year started!

If you are new here, take a long at the yearly schedule {HERE}!  Then take a look at the classes we will have this first Session of the year {HERE}!

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Session 2!

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Who’s ready for next session!?  I know that my girls are and cannot wait for classes to get started!

For more information, jump over {HERE} to download your own copy of the schedule and to find descriptions for the classes.

Registration will be October 30th.  Watch for more information about that!

Let’s get this year started!

While my public school parent-friends celebrate their children returning to school, I am over here excited for the start of our 2017-2018 co-op year; for another year I get to spend with my girls and for all the learning we will get to do together!  I mean, for real, my 12 year old daughter is excited to do a research paper on WW2 and do some more in depth research beyond what is in her current history workbook.

My excitement is even greater with the additional classrooms the new location has given us and I am thrilled to share this years Session 1 schedule!

To read the descriptions for the classes, jump over {HERE}

I am looking forward to seeing what the future brings this co-op year!

We’ve moved!

A lot has happened since the end of the co-op year in May.

The church we were meeting at moved locations and were working to sell the building.  When our 2016-2017 year ended, we had been in contact with the potential buyers and had plans to continue using the building come August.  Unfortunately, the sell fell through and the owners chose to put the building on the market with a realty company.  In order to do that, we had to move out.  That was the beginning of July and sent us Board members into a real panic!  July was supposed to be all about getting the class schedule ready, getting the building prepped for the start of classes, meeting with potential parent-teachers who had questions.  Not having to scramble to find a new meeting place!  With the help of our fabulous co-op members, we had several places that were open to hosting our co-op which was amazing!  On Tuesday the 18th, we got an official yes and all breathed a huge sigh of relief!  Our new meeting place will be…

Westside Baptist Church!

Westside Baptist is located at 801 Historic 66 W, Waynesville, MO 65583


So now we are once again able to fully focus on getting the class schedule all ready for our upcoming 2017-2018 year!  We are beyond blessed.