Who We Are

Our Purpose:

We are a group of homeschooling families in the greater Fort Leonard Wood area joining together for the purpose of educating our children and supporting one another along the way. We are a diverse group of people from varying regions of the country and world with a depth of knowledge and understanding often unique to a military base. With these differences we can greatly enhance our homeschooling experience for our children and ourselves.

Who we are:

We are homeschoolers in the Fort Leonard Wood area who have come together to form a non-profit 501c3 organization for the benefit of the community.  We live in and around the post in the small towns in all directions.  We are active homeschoolers and volunteer our time for learning day, workshops, and field trips.

Learning Day:

Our current Learning Day is on Mondays at {The River}, in the youth building (previously known as the Connect Building).  For more information about our learning day please refer to the {Learning Day} page.


Our primary means of communication is our Facebook group and Facebook Messenger.   You can find us on Facebook here.  If we don’t already know you then we will ask you to briefly tell us about yourself before being added to the group.  Please check your other folder for a message from our Facebook page administrator.

Board of Directors:

Our board of directors are all volunteers, homeschool parents, and hard workers.  Like all homeschool parents, they began this journey in  different ways, but came together for the benefit of their family and yours.  With that in  mind, they serve the members of the Lost In the Woods Homeschool Association.  Each member serves for a term of 2 years, but no longer than 2 consecutive terms.   Many also teach classes and a short biography can be found on our Meet the Teacher page.

President – Deanna Parsons

Vice President –  Jessica Sweeney

Treasurer – Darcy Harris

Secretary and Membership Coordinator – Carol Reid

Community Relations Director – Em (Emily) Norman

For a copy of each position description and our by-laws you can click here (automatic download):  LITWHA Bylaws.2015


Please refer here to our by-laws regarding requirements for membership here.  If you meet those requirements you can download and fill out our application found here: LITWHA.MembershipApplication.2014 (1).  You may email it to lostinthewoodscoop@gmail.com or bring it to an event with your membership fee.


All LITWHA policies can be found below.  If you have any questions regarding our policies please contact one of our board members.  All our policies were carefully written with the best of intentions.  We welcome all feedback to improve our association for the good of our members.  Teacher Policy,  Classroom, Sickness, Weather Policies


2 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Hello, my family is new to homeschooling, however, not new to Fort Leonard Wood. I am appart of other support groups on Facebook, but nothing from around the area. My family would love to be appart of local groups.

  2. Have you had a teacher teach a geography class? If so, please have her email me and i will give her my phone number. I am looking for some ideas.

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