It’s Bylaw Time!

It’s that time when most people run for the hills, myself included!  Reading, writing, or editing bylaws are not normally considered fun (except for my friend Carol who loves this sort of thing), but it’s a necessary evil at some point.  For us, this was that year!

Please take a moment to read over our current bylaws (LITWHA Bylaws.2015) and then come back and check out the proposed bylaws here (ByLaws2017 Voting).

We will be voting by ballot on our last Learning Day, Monday, May 1, 2017.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at


Summer Time!

There are a lot of our co-op families who have hit “summer mode” in full force, some who are slowing down but still schooling, and some who are gearing up for a move.  No matter where you fall, summer can be equal parts great and terrible.  A chance to sleep late (if we are lucky), no rigorous schedules, outside play, swimming… over-tired and cranky littles, bugs, too high temperatures, and the often heard “I’m bored”.  So, what are we to do?

How about this fun looking Summer Bucket List!?


Here’s another big list of ideas for you.



We love comments so share with us!  How will you spend your summer this year?  What fun activities do you have planned?

Space Exploration

This session, the 6-8 year old group has the chance to learn about Space Exploration and Engineering.  Only problem is that they are during the same hour!  This made me wonder, what can I find online about space exploration that’s free or low cost?

My first stop is usually Pinterest (seriously, I love this website).

One of the first things I came across a set of free worksheets that can be found {Here} and coloring pages that can be found {Here}.


Next I came across an art project that could work for younger kids and includes upcycling the cardboard from a frozen pizza and Dollar Store craft items (glitter glue and pom-poms).  You can find the full instructions {Here}!


You can even bring the learning into snack time like Amy Hudson over at Creative Kid Snacks did {Here}!


If the weather is nice, take your lesson outside with sidewalk chalk like Kimberly from Natural Beach Living did {Here}.


For the Lego lovers out there, go visit Jen from Kitchen Counter Chronicles {Here}.


For the techies, there is a NASA app through iTunes {Here}.


Hopefully this will give you some ideas for your little Space Explorer.

Session 4 Info

Session 4 is fast approaching!  Here is a quick guide to finding the information you will need:

To read over the class descriptions, visit {Here}

To see the hourly schedule, visit {Here}

The forms you will need for registration day can be found {Here}{Here}{Here}, and {Here} so you can keep a copy for yourself.

If you are new to our co-op, you can download a Membership Form {Here}  and find directions {Here}.

Registration Day is March 7th and will go as followed:

Board Members and Lead Teachers will register from 9am – 10am

Returning Members from 10am – 10:30am

New Members from 10:30am – done.

Registration Day is also the last day for “school” pictures!  These pictures are being taken at no cost and will go into our very first co-op yearbook.

Welcome 2016


Like most people, you are probably thinking about the possibilities this new year holds.  Each new year can be like a clean slate, a chance to start fresh or a chance to improve on things from years past.  For homeschooling families, resolutions aren’t just about self though.  They tend to be all encompassing.  Self, home, our children, and their education… and overwhelming.   What changes, adjustments, or resolutions are you looking to make?

Upping the lesson plan game~ Not all curricula comes with pre-planned lesson plans so we have to write out our own.  There are a lot of different ways to go about this and can take time to find a system that works for you.  Here are a few ideas found on Pinterest:

Printable Weekly Lesson Planner you can find {Here}.


{Here} is a link to the “Ultimate Free Homeschool Planning List”.

If you are wanting a more simple method (or one that doesn’t require stock in printer ink), {Here} is a blog post about using spiral notebooks.

Jen at Forever, For Always created a {Document}  to help organize what grade her children are in for each subject.  This would be helpful for large  homeschool families.

Preview of “HomeschoolPlanningSheet”

From {Binders} to purchased planners, this post could go on and on.  Share with us how you manage your lesson plans!