Session 3 Information

Just a reminder, registration is on Jan 4th at {The River}.  Current members will register at 10:45am and new members will register at 11:30am.

Class descriptions can be found {Here} and the hourly course schedule can be found {Here}.

We are excited about this upcoming session and to seeing all our friends again!


Schooling Christmas Style

Kids can’t help but be excited about Christmas so why not take enthusiasm and direct it towards your school day!  Here are some ideas found on Pinterest…

Turn your Christmas baking into a Math Lesson using {these} worksheets from Learning Zone Express.


Learn some Geography while talking about {Christmas around the world}.



{Science Sparks} has page full of Christmas themed Science experiments.


For Literature, {here} is a printable Advent reading plan (source).


For a complete school day,  there different activities found {here} to go along with the movie The Polar Express!  I saw vocabulary words, a crossword puzzle, word search, math problems, and a cute Letter to Santa printable (those were all free to download, but I didn’t click all the links so there could be some items that cost).

~Deanna Parsons

(Please note, I found all these ideas from Pinterest and LITWHA has no association with them)