Growing Pains – Our Next Step

Here we sit a mere 3 months into the Fall Semester and we are in awe.  Awe of what has happened from a simple conversation between two homeschool moms with a common goal; cooperative learning close to home.

Our expectations were small in the beginning with only a few families showing interest from Facebook.  Soon we were meeting on post, then at Harmony, and a few more families joined us.  Each week we get another request, just one more family.  We are thrilled and humbled all at the same time.

Thrilled that we indeed were correct that people needed support in this area and you are responding to our efforts.  Humbled that God has allowed us this opportunity to serve one another in a meaningful way.  Grateful that you have trusted us with your children in classes and have become our friends.

Because of this interest and our desire to serve you, the homeschooling family, we are determined to lay a strong foundation.  A foundation that will not crack when someone moves to their next duty station.  A structure to continue on in this endeavor as children grow and needs change.

The next step to achieve this foundation is by forming our own official 501c3 non-profit group.  This is an official designation with the IRS and the State of Missouri allowing us to do things like fundraisers and collect box tops.  We can be tax exempt and accept donations with this designation.  Events and donations allow us to keep costs low which is a high priority for many of us.  It gives us opportunities to reach out to families that may not be able to afford curriculum, pay our portion of the utility bill, and hold workshops supporting other homeschool parents.  Most importantly, it helps us educate our children in ways we cannot do alone at home.

We have all felt the isolation of parenting at different times.  That moment when you have spent the day with no other adults and suddenly Curious George episodes start to make so much sense and you are suddenly worried about your sanity.  When you are hit with the reality that you are responsible for your child’s ability to read and you can’t breathe for a few minutes, that is when you need support.  Support simply in the form of someone saying “you are not crazy, I have also been there”.

The possibilities seem to be endless when we have enough support.  When we stop to put one another ahead of ourselves, practicing the full meaning of “Love your neighbor as yourself”, it truly is endless what we can do together.

I truly look forward to building this co-op with each and every one of you this year, and for years to come.  Although it may be bumpy along the way, truly loving each other in this journey will enrich both our lives and children’s lives for their good and future.


One thought on “Growing Pains – Our Next Step

  1. I am the grandmother of two boys that are now homeschooled. I was not too sure whe n my daughter Stacy began this journey, but I hear the difference in her voice when she tells me all about it. My gratitude she found you all is endless. My hope is that you all build a place that keeps growing.

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