Lessons Learned – Why I Will Never Have a SuperMom Cape!

(A blog post from a few years ago on my other blog with a little updating.  Still makes me laugh.)

1. Cocktail sausages and strawberries can count as a late dinner.

2.  I am my mother’s daughter more and more with each passing day.


3.  I think my mother is a wonderful brilliant woman even if it took me almost 38 years to fully realize it. 

4.  You can freeze buttermilk.  My cooking world has opened wide!

5.  I really like to use buttermilk in recipes.

6.  I have been a writer all along.  I just needed to listen to the voices in my head (no not those voices).DSC00595

7.  I get very grumpy when I don’t get to write, draw, or quilt.

8. When I am grumpy I blame my husband for everything even though it is rarely his fault.

DSC012119.  My husband is a very forgiving man.

10. There are only so many hours of the day you can be the pack leader.

11. Being followed by an actual pack every second of the day is exhausting. (That picture was from a few years ago.  Currently we only have one left from the picture.  The rest are all new to our house.)

12. I think better when my floors are vacuumed.

13. A West Texas Girl who grew up with big sunsets and wide open spaces needs a GPS on a cloudy tree lined highway in North Carolina no matter how often she has driven the road.

14. My ideas are good.  My ability to implement them is bad.

15. Too many good ideas that whither in the shadow of life can make anyone feel like a failure.

16. The best things in my life were never my idea.



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