Churros y Chocolate – Tasting Spanish


Today in the kitchen I cooked up something special for my Spanish 1 class at co-op to celebrate how great the kids are doing and add a bit of the Spanish culture to our class.  Our text book is called Churros y Chocolate so I chose churros.

It was fun, simple, and I wanted to share the process with you.   You may want to make them for one of your lessons when covering the Spanish culture.  ¡Son delicioso!

I found a simple recipe online here,   It was so easy I cooked four batches up in an hour.

They were so yummy and irresistible.

I did make one change in the process. The recipe calls for putting the dough in a piping bag.  I did not have any and tried to substitute a Ziploc bag with the end cut off. The Ziploc bag did not work because the dough was hot.

Its like playing with PlayDoh!

Its like playing with PlayDoh!

Instead I just rolled the dough in my hand like you would Playdoh. This would be a fun way to get your little ones involved in this cooking process.

They were so delicious and everyone enjoyed them.

¡Buen provecho!


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