Why Co-op? I thought we were homeschoolers!

I teach 3 grade levels, all classes.  I am with my students almost 24/7.  I am excited when I get to shop for groceries alone and not simultaneously turn every question into a lesson.  Some days are golden with school done early, no one is arguing, and they all happily are reading instead of begging for cartoons. 

Other days, well, are not as pretty.  Those days you forget that you are still in pajamas at 5:00 pm and then don’t see the point in dressing.  You might as well roll right back into bed.  You are concerned your middle son might be a socio-path and pray it is just a phase.  You feel like calling your mother-in-law crying “Why did you do this to me? They did not get this from my side of the family.”

But in between the gold and dross we have these sweet moments of learning and growing.  Moments we would not be witnessed to if we chose another path for our family.  We treasure those, don’t we?

Then there are moments that we realize we cannot reach all our goals and keep clothes on everyone.  We are holding onto to many hats and bear much responsibility.  And there are times when others can help us meet our goals.  There are times when asking for help to teach a subject we will never get to on our own is good.  It is good to gain perspective about how others do that same thing.  It is good to see that your son isn’t they only boy who struggled with potty training.  It is a blessing to know that you are not the only one who thinks they can’t do it all or maybe even half of what is set before you. 

Here is a link to an opinion on both sides of the homeschooling learning co-op. 


I see advantages to both perspectives.  For me this has changed over the years but most importantly I think we need to realize that home, public, and private schools change for everyone.  There are seasons to life and things change whether we say so or not.  We are the best judge for what works for our family and our children’s education.

(I will caveat all this by saying we are the best judge for our family within the bounds of the law.  I am not referring to a family in crisis that needs professional help or legal intervention.)


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